What We Buy



We pay up to $275,000 based on color, cut, clarity, and weight of your diamond. We pay top dollar for round diamonds that are one carat or more. Appraisals add value, especially a GIA appraisal or one using the GIA standard.



Sell heavy gold, silver, or platinum in any karat or condition. Extra value is given for diamonds.


Fine Gold Bullion

Sell fine gold bullion, ingots, and U.S. and foreign coins for up to 95% of gold spot price at time of transaction. To check how much your fine gold is worth today see our GOLD VALUE CHART.


Sterling Silverware

Sell sterling silverware for up to $20 an ounce! No plated silver items please. No need to polish silver before coming in!


Silver Bullion

Sell fine silver bullion for up to 95% of spot price at time of transaction! Sell fine silver bullion, ingots, U.S. Silver Eagle, and Canadian Maple Leaf. To price the value of your silver today go to our SILVER VALUE CHART.


Pre 1964 Coins

Sell dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars for up to 20 times face value! U.S. coins before 1964 were 90% silver. Some nickels from 1942-1945 had a little bit of silver in them (also known as “war nickels”) Condition doesn’t matter to sell your coins.


Mint Silver Eagles

Sell Mint Eagles for up to 95% of silver price at time of transaction. See our SILVER VALUE CHART to see how much your Mint Eagle is worth today. Extra value is given for Proof Mint Eagles in boxes with paperwork.


Gold Coins

Sell any kind of gold coin from anywhere for up to 95% of gold’s spot price at time of transaction. Extra value for graded and rare coins.



We pay up to $75,000 for high end watches. Our largest market is Rolex: GMT, Submariner, and Yachtmaster. Box and Papers preferred. We also buy Panerai, Omega, and Breitling watches.